Road trip 2016

Road trip 2016

When madness and reason battle out, it’s good to let madness win once and a while. This all started when I saw a tweet from the crew of the show The Grand Tour. They invited people to come join them filming an episode here in Finland.

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Not again. :(

Why, why do have to get the flu again?

It’s not long since i had the flu last time and now it’s coming back. During last week i noticed that my throat was getting dry and sore and at that point i started guessing that here we go again. I tried my best to get the bugs killed so that the flu would’t get into full power but it seems as if i failed in my resistance attempts.

During the weekend my nose started running and today the cough started to appear. I just hope it won´t be as bad as the last time. Sadly this week is full of program, AGAIN.

Today Annika has trainings so i have to take care of Amelie. On friday one of my former colleagues with his fiance is supposed to visit us, and on saturday my grandma and grandpa is visiting with my parents. To much to do to get well. But no need to fall into despair. Just need to drink warm, keep myself warm, and avoid public places and i should be OK, and with some positive thinking everything will be great, agree? 🙂

Forgetful…yes, very today

So today i do not seem to be at my sharpest, why?

Well, when i have started the car i noticed that i forgot my wristwatch at home. “I can live one day without it so let it be” i thought and drove on to work. The majority of the drive i tried to remember all the task i have to do today and couldn’t come to think of just a few things although i had a suspicion that there would be so much more.

Well at the point when i had drove 23 minutes and there was aprox. 7 minutes left i started looking in my pockets for my keys to the office, and yes, as you can guess, i seemed to have forgot them as well home. *sigh*

As i was out early today i arrived at the office 7:02 am and at that point there’s not much traffic at the office doors i could’t do anything else then just wait at the door. Luckily there came some co-workers only after 4 minutes of wait. But this means that today there won’t be much moving around in the building. Luck will be i only have 3 meetings today and all of ’em are located at my floor so can manage without the keys with a small effort.



Hopefully the day will get better. 🙂

Tall ship race, Helsinki

Today the tall ship race was open for public display in Helsinki. There was small, bigger and very BIG ships. The common factor between all of them were that they are really beatiful.

Just to prove my point i added some pictures here. There was so many that if i added one picture of the all the que of picture would seem to be endless. 🙂






We all have to live with deadlines, either they may be personal or business one’s.

The funny things with deadlines are that we all know we have them, we often set them up by ourselves and yet they have the force to really stress one up til madness. The most common deadline to be broken is the one you set for yourself. And the more shallow the reason the sooner and easier it is for us to break them, and no harm done, don’t get me wrong. But what this post is truly about are the deadlines that actually cause stress and problems for others that should be eliminated or at least minimized.

The thing with business deadlines are that they certainly affects others, either you want or not. So how could deadline respect be lifted from the gutter it has ended in lately?

deadline2The one to crack this will most probably be very successful and rich, and further more well liked in he’s/her’s work community. One of the problems these days are that the deadlines are strained to the limit and they push people to the edge. Time is money and therefore deadlines are set in my opinion too close for the end result to be satisfactory for everybody. When the project time is set to be too short it as good as always means that some corners are drawn straight which means the faults may be hidden as the end result is presented, but sooner or later they will be revealed.

The case the triggered this post for me today was a project i have been working on long days and even on weekends, just so that i would reach the customer set result by a deadline that was known to be idiotic. Well as a worker i have high expectations  on myself and the result i present. So this time i worked hard and including bending the rules to achieve the customer set goal. And so came the day today when the deadline was reached at 11:45am. I presented the result earlier during the morning and i transferred it to the production environment as agreed. 11:48am the customer sent me an email telling me not to move it to the production environment and that we would check the situation again next noonday. Meaning that they moved the deadline by them self, without a apology, or even a reason on why the wanted did this.

Cases like this really angers me and as soon as i heard the news my interest and urge to please the customer dropped like a stone. Why doesn’t the customer respect their own deadlines. I would like to know what kind of problems this resulted at their own end as the end-users should have had a seminar from 12am to 5pm where this was to be presented. Now as the order not to go live with was told to me there was nothing to present to the end users. deadline

Well, at the end the problem is not mine. When the command to go live reaches me i just have to do one simple thing and everything is set. As i did reach the goals for what the project was set for, there wont be any changes made anymore. So, when to go command comes i just launch the result and the customer will have to explain themselves to their bosses.

But it’s still very annoying and sad that these things happens over and over again all over the business world. 😦


New work week.

So it’s Monday again and a new business week has started. Nice!

This week is going to be a normal 5 day week. Because of Easter holidays and other reasons I’ve had shorter weeks for the past 3 weeks. That has resulted in more stress, longer days at the office and undone tasks. As the weeks are now normal i hope to get some undone things moved to the done pile and also get started on new. But the best part is that i’m on a good mood all thou it’s Monday. I wrote in Swedish a little while back about the issue of being tired at your work and just cursing about it instead of making a change, and as a shorter version of that blog post i just have to say here that i cant understand people who just won’t do anything to fix the problem.

If you ain’t happy about the situation you just shouldn’t complain and make everybody around you unhappy and irritated with your unsatisfied situation. You should try to remind yourself that negative thoughts affects others twice as fast as happy and has almost twice of the effect. And  a good thing to also remember is that happy people are always nicer to be around then grumpy and whining counterparts.

The weekend went fast, and not everything is going as smooth as we would have hoped with my better half, or should i say with our daughter. We suspect that the sweet potato she has been eating for little under a week has cause her stomach ache. She has been very at uneasy and also seems to have had pain. It escalated to the point yesterday that we had to give her a painkiller to calm her down. Surely, a moment after we gave it to her she calm down a lot and at the time of 9:15 pm she fell asleep.

We now agreed at home that we should change her diet to something else and decided on cauliflower. Hopefully that wont case her so much unease and she will return to the happy little girl she is. 🙂

Other things this week that’s pretty fun is the semifinals in the ladies league in handball here in Finland, and also the starting of men’s quarterfinals. On the ladies side there’s one semifinal left and thats played to day where Dicken from Helsinki meets GrIFK from Kauniainen. As the situation is 2-2 in matches the match today will decide who of the two goes to the finals against HIFK. The looser from this game will go to bronze match against BK-46 from Karjaa. On the men’s side the quarterfinals starts this week and that’s always fun to follow. Mostly because my old team has gone threw and will meet BK-46. The same club they have gone up against the last 4 years. Earlier years Atlas has won but this year i think the matches will be much more even. And i wouldn’t be surprised if all 5 matches are needed to decide who will go onward to the semifinals.

More on the issue of the men’s quarter and semi finals on Swedish later on.

Log of life

As it may have appeared in other posts in Finnish and Swedish i work with computers and in the IT world and there logging of both singular processes and larger systems is an everyday task. If you only check your computers list of logs you’re able to see several logs, everything from hardware events to Windows bio metrics. So that means i’m used to logs from my work, but at the same time i like to have logs about my personal life, that mainly because i got a terrible memory, which means i seldom remember things, neither small or big.

Another thing is that i enjoy statistics and information they bring from the past of … well, anything in my interest.

But i’m sad to notice this is taking steps to be worse, because from day to day i seem to have been starting more and more different logs about more or less useless things and things i do not have time to keep up to date. When my daughter was born we started to keep log about her eating and … defecation and that has been interesting to follow up on, and that is something i actually see a very high  need of, because neither me or my fiance has the memory about how many diapers or times she has eaten.

But the maintaining of this didn’t help on my increasing list making one bit. I still thou feel a bit of relief that i still am capable to notice this possible future problem. Here’s a list of logs i noticed i keep without any real reason on why:

Picture source:

Picture source:

  1. Explosion log
    1. There’s the subway build here in Matinkylä to the shopping center Iso Omena that is scheduled to be done in 2015. At this build they make long underground tunnels and needs to blow out the tunnel walls with explosions
  1. Internet down time at home
  2. Daughter feeding log
  3. Daughter defecation log
  4. Daughter sleep log
  5. Transport time to work as swell home from work
  6. and some more

So what do you think, has my logs and list making obsession gone to far?

Specially #1, #2 and #4 seems now when i look at the list like really valid lists as there’s no way for me to maintain them as i have to work and are away from home atleast 8h, 5 days a week. 😀 But still, what is the need of me knowing statistics of things like mentioned above?

I wrote in a earlier post about being a father and as swell about my own father that it would be cool to be able to download the information he possesses and although that sounds creepy i still see the idea pretty intriguing. Many who are scared about the future sees this as a nightmare but when i think about it i doesn’t see it that terrible. I’m not in the line of keeping myself alive in a mind way, but more of the idea  of using the information some have to share to others.

Take the scene from Matrix where Neo gets stuffed with knowledge about martial  art or where Trinity asks to get the know how about flying the helicopter. The operator in the film just installs the knowledge to the subject. How cool wouldn’t that be?

I pretty strongly sidetracked from the heading of the page but i strongly recommend for everybody to see the Matrix trilogy if you havet. A small spoiler picture below from the movie. 🙂

One of the best movies ever if you ask me. :)

One of the best movies ever if you ask me. 🙂